Krüper’s Nuthatch - your records needed

Krüper’s Nuthatch, Achladeri Forest, April 2002 © Steve Dudley

As part of ongoing research in to this species on Lesvos by researcher Lefteris Kakalis, and to help obtain a better understanding of the distribution of the species on the island, your Krüper’s Nuthatch records are needed. We require the following -

Colour marked birds
As part of an ongoing marking programme by Lefteris Kakalis, birds have been ringed with a standard metal ring on the right leg and two coloured rings on their left legs. If you see any marked birds please submit your sightings inc. date, time and detailed location.

All other records
All other records, especially of birds away from the well-watched Achladeri breeding site are welcome. Please provide date, detailed location, number of birds, activity (e.g. singing, feeding, at potential nest, feeding young, etc),

You can send all records via Lesvos Birding to lesvosbirding(at)

For more information on this species on the island see the species account in the bird checklist here.

Winter Black Kite

First-winter Black Kite (above and two below), Almyropotamos River, Feb 09 © Terry Robinson

This bird turned up around the Almyropotamos River just north of Polichnitos Saltpans on 31 January and is foraging on sheeps heads, goat skins and other livestock remains discarded by the local farmers.

A classic view showing the long, slightly forked tail.

A good shot showing the pale tips to the upperwing coverts and pale fring to the trailing wing and tail edge which age this bird as a first-winter. See how the fork in th tail is lost when the tail is even moderately spread.

Spring visitors struggle to see Black Kite on the island with only a handful reported most years. Autumn can see more birds moving through, but this is the first winter record we are ware of.

Black-throated Diver, Gulf of Kalloni, Feb 09 © Terry Robinson