Thomas Cook charters in 2014

With concerns over which weeks and hotels Thomas Cook will be running in 2014, I've been corresponding with Thomas Cook's Greek Manager, Vanessa Freeman.

Vanessa has confirmed that t hey will be flying, from Gatwick, on the 19 April 2014 and 26 April 2014 (same early weeks as this year).

On the hotel situation, she said all hotels will be coming on line shortly and that ony being offered one hotel is a glitch. 

She commented "We have changed over to a new reservation system for 2014 and unfortunately have faced a few problems which resulted initially in only the 26th appearing, hopefully this has now been resolved and the 19th should also be on sale. Again, due to a new system we were only able to put one property on sale (Kalloni Bay being the most popular), however all our additional portfolio [of hotels] in Skala Kalloni should be on sale shortly."

I've just checked online (3 June 13) and whilst the 19 April is now coming up, they still only have the one hotel being offered.

So, lets all be assured they are flying as in recent years, and despite what you see on their website and told by their staff, all hotels will be available in the near future.