January 2011 - bird news

Resident birders Eleni Galinou and Terry Robinson continue to be out and about their respective local areas of Kalloni (EG) and Skala Polichnitou (TR) areas (the more interesting records in CAPS).

Updated 31/01/11

Ruddy Shelduck - max. 143 Kalloni Saltpans 03/01: also seen at Mesa Wetlands, Polichnitos Saltpans and Alikoudi Pool
Pintail - 1 Polichnitos Saltpans 13/01
Wigeon - 220 Kalloni Saltpans 03/01
Mallard - Vouvaris River 01/01
Shoveler - Kalloni Saltpans 03/01 and Vouvaris River 01/01
Red-breasted Merganser - up to 3 Gulf of Kalloni off Vouvaris River mouth, Tsiknias River mouth and Skala Vasilikon to 21/01
Black-throated Diver - 1 Gulf of Kalloni off Vouvaris River mouth 01/01
Yelkouan Shearwater - 1 Gulf of Kalloni off Polichnitos Saltpans 10/01
Great Crested Grebe - Gulf of Kalloni up to 203 off Polichnitos Saltpans 21/01
Black-necked Grebe - Gulf of Kalloni off Tsiknias River mouth, Vouvaris River mouth, Polichntiso Saltpans. Max. 9 off Tsinias River mouth 08/01
Greater Flamingo - upto 1765 at Kalloni Saltpans (03/01) and 287 at Polichnitos Saltpans (03/01)
Black Stork - 2-3 Tsiknias River and Kalloni Saltpans area and one Polichnitos Saltpans
GREAT BITTERN - 1 Parakila Marsh 17/01
Great White Egret - Kalloni Saltpans max. 32 (03/01) and Polichnitos Saltpans max. 24 (30/01)
DALMATIAN PELICAN - 3 present at Kalloni Saltpans to 03/01
PYGMY CORMORANT - 1 Mesa Wetlands 01/01
Long-legged Buzzard - 1 Polichnitos Saltpans area
Marsh Harrier - 1 Kalloni Saltpans 03/01 and 1 Polichnitos Saltpans 05/01
Hen Harrier - up to 3 Polichnitos Saltpans and 1 Kalloni Saltpans
Peregrine - 1 Polichnitos Saltpans 06/01
Water Rail - 1 Tsiknias River 02/01
Avocet - up to 450 Kalloni Saltpans and 2 Polichnitos Saltpans
Grey Plover - 1-2 at Kalloni Saltpans Polichnitos Saltpans
Green Sandpiper - 1 Tsiknias River
Little Stint - Polichnitos Saltpans max. 39 (11/01) and also seen at Kalloni Saltpans, Tsiknias River and Mesa Wetlands
Dunlin - up to 109 Polichnitos Saltpans and also present at Kalloni Saltpans and Tsiknias River
SLENDER-BILLED GULL - 1 (presumed same) Mesa Wetlands, Tsiknias River, Polichnitos Saltpans throughout the month
Mediterranean Gull - 1 Tsiknias River mouth 25/01
Sandwich Tern - present at Tsiknias River mouth - Kalloni Saltpans area, Polichnitos Saltpans
Blackcap - up to 5 Skala Polichnitou throughout month
Sardinian Warbler - present at Polichnitos Saltpans, Kalloni Saltpans, Tsiknias River and Metochi Lake
Black Redstart - present at Polichnitos Saltpans, Skala Kalloni, Kallonis Saltpans and Tsiknias River

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 to all Lesvos Birding visitors!

Keep visiting here for the latest news and sightings from Lesvos. I'm currently working on some new items for the the website for the 2011 season and I've also started work on
Lesvos Birds 2010 - the second annual bird report for Lesvos which will be available free via this website by the end of February.

As usual I'll be running threads on BirdForum and Surfbirds about up-to-date info on Lesvos during 2011, so between these two forums and the website you shouldn't need to go anywhere else for your Lesvos news!

Happy birding for 2011.

Steve Dudley | Lesvos Birding