Another Red-necked Phalarope

High winds brought this juvenile Red-necked Phalarope in to Polichnitos Saltpans on 26 August. Photo © Terry Robinson

Bird news

Two Red-necked Phalaropes reported from Kallonis Saltpans on 16 August where the Dalmatian Pelican was still present on 10 Aug along with a Slender-billed Gull on the same date.

Passage/returning waterbirds seen in recent weeks include Shoveler, Pintail, Gargane, Teal, Purple Heron, Spotted Redshank, Green, Wood and Common Sandpipers, Temminck's Stint, Curlew Sandpiper, Dunlin and Ruff.

Red-backed, Lesser Grey, Woodchat and Masked Shrikes all seen so far this month and Cretzschmar's Bunting still present this morning around Polichnitos Saltpans where there is also a Tawny Pipit (since 19th).

I'll do a full monthly round up at the months end and will post more interesting bird news as and when I get it from now on for those of you going out there this autumn.

Please remember to sends me your records if you are there this autumn. Sorry I won't make it myself.

Birdfair 2011

Just a quick Hi! and thanks to all those Lesvos birders who stopped to chat over Birdfair weekend. Its quite amazing just how many have been to the island over the years.

Birdfair was an opportunity to show Thomas Cook around and finalise a few things for the 2012 spring birder flights. For updates see here.

Please keep in touch over ahead of the 2012 season - via this website, email, Twitter or Facebook.

Finally, for all those enquiring, I'll be posting my itinerary of spring day trips shortly. Promise!

Summer fires

The hot season is open Lesvos and as usual there's been the usual run of fires across the island. The biggest started yesterday and is still blazing today with an area of open grassland and olive groves above Nifida (near Polichnitos) going up in smoke. The photos here taken by Terry Robinson from his house shows the fire being tackled by a fire-fighting plane.
Fire-plane taking on water from the Gulf of Kalloni

Peggy Sue gets a friend!

Peggy Sue (on one leg in the foreground) with her new friend Stélla. Photo by Lesvos Wildlife Hospital

Skala Kallonis has a new resident. A second White Pelican which was found clipped and captive at Pérama. After being taken to the Lesvos Wildlife Hospital she was released at Skala Kallonis where she and, and long-time resident Peggy Sue soon found one another. Named Stélla by the hospital, she was aged at around 2 years old. The hospital named Peggy Sue 'Pelly' but I've called her Peggy Sue for over 10 years without knowing that! So Peggy Sue she stays for me.

What will happen to the two of them? Will Stélla lead Peggy Sue astray? Away?

Stélla (foreground) and Peggy Sue in Skala Kallonis harbour. Photo by Lesvos Wildlife Hospital