Peggy Sue gets a friend!

Peggy Sue (on one leg in the foreground) with her new friend Stélla. Photo by Lesvos Wildlife Hospital

Skala Kallonis has a new resident. A second White Pelican which was found clipped and captive at Pérama. After being taken to the Lesvos Wildlife Hospital she was released at Skala Kallonis where she and, and long-time resident Peggy Sue soon found one another. Named Stélla by the hospital, she was aged at around 2 years old. The hospital named Peggy Sue 'Pelly' but I've called her Peggy Sue for over 10 years without knowing that! So Peggy Sue she stays for me.

What will happen to the two of them? Will Stélla lead Peggy Sue astray? Away?

Stélla (foreground) and Peggy Sue in Skala Kallonis harbour. Photo by Lesvos Wildlife Hospital