Reporting your birds records

I encourage everyone to submit their bird records. You can do this as follows:

For the Lesvos annual bird report - you can send your records direct to me by email. I prefer records to be sent as Excel files and should preferably include columns as follows - species name, number of birds, date, location, your name and other observers. I will let you know if the Lesvos Bird Records Committee (of which I am a member) require any further details of any particular record.

You can also submit your records via OrnithoTopos which is an Internet-based spatial database about birds, their science and their distribution, that allows users from anywhere in the world to input and query Greek bird data.

For nationally rare species, these should be submitted to the Hellenic Rarities Committee (Greek equivelant of BBRC). Check the HRC website for species it covers.

The Hellenic (Greek) Rarities Committee (HRC) was founded in 2004 and publishes its annual reports online -

HRC report for 2008

HRC report for 2007

HRC report for 2005

From Nikos Probonas (HRC secretary) -

HRC are in the process of re-organizing our archives, especially the photo material, and we would like to ask for assistance regarding photos of rare species in Greece. If you are aware of such photos, not appearing on the HRC website gallery, we would appreciate if you informed us of their existence and the way to obtain them (URL of website or email of phorographer). We are interested even in the oldest photos.

The full list of the rare species for Greece can be seen here.

HRC would like to thank all those who have already submitted their records of rare birds seen in Greece.

Please do not hesitate to ask for any clarification on or

Good birding.

Nikos Probonas
HRC Secretary

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