Early spring weather

Skala Kallonis Pool, 20 March 2008 (© Hotel Pasiphae )

After the disastrously dry winter of 2006/07, the winter just gone has seen a return to norm, with good rainfall which will not only provide pools for spring passage migrants, but will also help to restore the underground water resources of the island.

My good friend Vasilis, manager of Hotel Pasiphae at Skala Kallonis, emailed me to say "The weather this year is much different than last year. From November with a lot of rain and then a quite big period of low temperatures from December until end of January. February dominated from mostly south west winds and mid temperatures 12 - 17 degrees light rain and humidity at night. Until now March is more or less the same with only difference the higher temperature at days with sun".

Today is sunny with moderate southerly wind and around 20 C. Click on the link to the right for up to date weather info.

The picture above of the Skala Kallonis Pool which in spring 2007 was bone dry after the exceptionally dry winter. This year however we see the hoped for high water which will hopefully remain for when most of us visit the island from mid-April onwards. Hopefully we’ll be enjoying the usual fill of crakes and herons here later in the spring.

I know a few hardy souls visit from late March so any updates on birds, weather and standing freshwater areas will be gratefully appreciated and used on this site to keep others informed. Email me at steve(at)toadsnatcher.com (you can work out what to do here!).