6 May 08 - Broad-billed Sandpiper

LOST - one Tilley hat. Could be anywhere between Skala Eresou and Achladeri! Contact Steve at steve at toadsnatcher dot com.

Finsch's and Pied Wheatears
There are reports of both Finsch's and Pied Wheatears each year and those followed up invariably turn out to be black-and-white Black-eared Wheatears. This year seems to be particuarly noteworthy for such reports and all have so far turned out to be BEWs. If anyone has any photographs to support claims of either of these two species please come forward. Email steve at toadsnatcher dot com.

Weather: fine and settled withvirtually no wind. Max temp. c. 28 C.

A fresh influx of waders brought in a Broad-billed Sandpiper this evening. Today's Imperial Eagle sighting, seen by the same observer as last week (at the same location), is now thought to be just one bird accounting for all records (confirmed/probables) over the last week (inc. yesterdays two sightings).

Todays highlights -

Kalloni Bandstand - IMPERIAL EAGLE 1 over mid-morning. It is now thought that one bird accounts for all the sightings on the island this spring.

Kalloni Saltpans - BROAD-BILLED SANDPIPER 1 in evening, SPUR-WINGED PLOVER 2 (turn right at south-west corner bend, birds in little sheep enclosure and field on left), Marsh Sandpiper 1, Collared Pratincole 5, Red-footed Falcon 9, White-winged Black Tern 11, Whiskered Tern 3, Black Tern 2, Black Stork 2, Curlew 2, Temminck's Stint 2, Little Stint 400+, Ruff 220+, Curlew Sandpiper 85+, Montagu's Harrier 1.

Tsiknias River - BONELLI'S EAGLE 1 to west, LEVANT SPARROWHAWK 2 (m&f) to north, Ruppell's Warbler 2 singing males along upper section. River Warbler 1 singing along upper section.

Sigri - European Nightjar 3, Scops Owl 2.

Skala Kallonis Pool - Little Bittern 1, Squacco Heron 2 (feeding 3 small young).

Achladeri - Kruper's Nuthatch young now hatched (prob. this morning). Just beyond the white building in the car park, look to left for tall pointed tree stump with electric cables coming off either side. Nest in bottom of the gash at the top of the stump. No sign of Long-eared Owls in recent days. Masked Shrike nesting nearby.

Platania - Olive Tree Warbler 6+ now around the 'cattle grid' site.

Lardia Valley – Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler 1, holding territory at eastern end. West of Vatousa park at eastern end of valley in ‘chalky’ coloured pull-in on right with small wooden gate. Walk west for three telegraph poles to small pool. Bird is in this area but can get to opposite side of valley. Rock Sparrow nesting in Rock Nuthatch nest on rocky outcrop on right from the pull-in.

Kalloni Mini Soccer – Scops Owl 1 - bird still in the fifth roadside tree from the mini soccer pitch entrance but can only be seen from along the road or safer(!) from the track opposite the soccer pitch entrance. It is c.7m up the tree and quote difficult to see.

Mylopotamos River (East East River) - Goshawk imm male chasing Turtle Doves through olive groves.

Thanks to everyone for their records and for those who enter their records in the Hotel Pasiphae bird log.

Printed copies of the daily Lesvosbirding.com summaries are also on reception at the Hotel Pasiphae by the bird log. Please do not remove them. Thanks. Anyone wanting a printed copy of any daily summary should ask at the hotel reception.