Summer news

It's summer and the only active birder on the island is Terry Robinson down at Skala Polichnitou. Terry spends most mornings down Polichnitos Saltpans and is also now regularly bird ringing in his garden near the salptans. I'll do something on Terry's ringing at later date.

Terry has passed on the following news in recent weeks for the Poli Pans area..

Breeding birds - 20+ prs of Black-winged Stilts raised c.50 young, a couple of prs of Kentish Plover have again bred here rearing several young.

Passage - last week Terry reports the following: Little Egret 17, Kentish Plover 47, Common Sandpiper 5, Stone-curlew 1, Greenshank 21, Redshank 81, Little Stint 16, Curlew Sandpiper 4, Wood Sandpiper 4, Sandwich Tern 3, Yellow-legged Gulls now up to c.500.

The previous week (late July) Terry also had Mediterranean Gull (11), a Spoonbill and a Black Stork around the pans.

So, things already beginning to come through. I'll keep news coming as much as I can but as autumn takes hold Terry will hopefully be able to send more news, especially of any raptor passage.