Lesvos orchid site guide

Lesvos is also well-known for its orchids and thats why I included a checklist of orchids found on the island in my book, A Birdwatching Guide to Lesvos, including local flowering periods.

Paul Manning (Wildlife of Lesvos) has now built an orchid site guide using Google Maps. He has annotated a map of the island to show key sites. This includes lists of species found at each site with some notes on flowering periods for rarer or sought-after species, and species' names within the site lists linked to his own photos on his online flickr album. Its a great resource and one I'm sure that anyone interested in orchids will want to use when on the island. The online Google Map is best viewed in map mode.

You can view a list of species here (no flowering periods).

Photo: Lesbos Orchid Ophrys lesbis, endemic to the island, near Andissa, April 2009 © Steve Dudley