Plain Tigers in 2010

Plain Tiger (

Danaus c


, Vatera, 14 Nov 2010
© Terry Robinson

This Plain Tiger was found at Vatera on Sunday by Terry Robinson. Terry managed to do what I didn't with my butterfly at Faneromeni in September - get a photograph!

The only other records this year are all from Faneromeni with singles there on 13 Sept (Steve Dudley et al) an 15 Sept (John Bowers) and four there on 16 Sept (John Bowers).

The only other Lesvos record I am aware of is one at Kalloni Saltpans in July 2007 (David Griffiths).

I'm still trying to find out about Lesvos records prior to this year and also whether they have been recorded elsewhere in the Aegean/North Med area this year. If you have info in either please get in touch.