Local school visits environmental centre

On 17 May, 5th and 6th graders from Daphia School (near Skala Kallonis) were taken on a field trip birdwatching with local birder and environmentalist Eleni Galinou along the Christou/Kamares River, followed by a visit to the new Kalloni Environmental Centre in Skala Kallonis. The children also took part in a beach cleanup (applauded by several birders who witnessed it!) along the Skala Kallonis beach which was followed by a free lunch at the Kalloni Bay Hotel.

The organisers hope that this will attract visits to the centre from other schools on the island and that these projects will increase the appreciation of the local people of their local natural environment and will increase the willingness of local people to support local environmental issues such as the restoration of the Skala Kallonis Pool.

Photos © Georgios Sakalis