Lesvos Birds 2011

written and compiled by Steve Dudley

This, the third annual bird report for Lesvos, covering all species recorded on the island in 2011 plus some additional records from earlier years.

Running to 76 pages it covers over 250 species and includes many colour photographs and various updates on birding sites on the island and more general birding and visitor information.

As well as accounts for commoner species, records include details of the first Lesvos records of Spectacled Warbler and Greylag Goose; the third record (and fourth Greek record) of Finsch’s Wheatear; the third confirmed breeding record of Penduline Tit; the fifth record of Black-winged Pratincole; the second successive year to record Red-necked Phalarope; three White-throated Robins; plus records of Bar-tailed Godwit, Firecrest and Ring Ouzel. Also the first ever confirmed breeding of Mallard and Common Starling, and much, much more.

Lesvos Birds 2011 - Click here for PDF web version (via Scribd)

Lesvos Birds 2010 - Click here for PDF web version (via Scribd)

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