25 April - Rollers and reports of Blue-cheeked Bee-eater and Richards Pipit

Black Stork, Tsiknias River, 25 April 2013 
(Ciconia nigra) Μαύρος Πελαργός 
© Steve Dudley

Sorry about the update disappearing. It loaded last night but for some reason it was thrown out during the day!

No news on the White-throated Robins today, but Blue-cheeked Bee-eater (13 previous records) and Richard's Pipit (no records). Two Booted Eagles and a Black Kite also see, along with more Rollers.

Petrified Forest
No news today

Skala Kallonis
1 reported near the Imerti Hotel this morning.

Tsiknias River
1 reported on track to Lotzaria/Saltpans this morning.

Ferruginous Duck pr between river mouth and ford
Roller 1
Mediterranean Gull 4
Squacco Heron 2

Perasma Reservoir
Booted Eagle 1
Eleanora's Falcon 2
Red-footed Falcon 2
Bee-eater 35

Booted Eagle 1
Eastern Bonelli's Warbler

Kalloni Saltpans & Alykes Wetlands
Pallid Harrier 2CY x2
Montagu's Harrier male
Whiskered Tern 17
White-winged Black Tern 1
Gull-billed Tern 13
Purple Heron 3
Squacco Heron 9
Temminck's Stint 4
Curlew Sandpiper 29
Eurasian Curlew 1
Oystercatcher 1 
Ruff 479
Wood Sandpiper 161
Little Stint 16
Zitting Cisticola
Red-throated Pipit 16
Short-toed Lark 16
Tawny Pipit 4

Roller 3
Citrine Wagtail female
Tawny Pipit 2
Squacco Heron 3
Night-heron 1

Sigri Old Sanotorium
Roller 1
Golden Oriole 3
Eastern Bonelli's Warbler 1
Collared Flycatcher 2

Black Kite 1
Scops Owl 1

Faneromeni beach
Temminck's Stint 2

Polichnitos Saltpans
Black-headed Bunting 2
Marsh Sandpiper
Red-footed Falcon 1

Kalami Marsh
Spoonbill 1

Alikoudi Pool
Black-headed Bunting 2

Ortolan Bunting 1

Masked Shrike 6
Black-headed Bunting 1
Olive-tree Roller 1

Skala Kallonis Pool
Little Bittern 1
Squacco Heron 9

Eleanora's Falcon 1
Red-footed Falcon 3
Hobby 1

Metochi Lake
Night-heron 7
Little Bittern 4
Little Crake 4

Lardia Valley
Eastern Bonelli's Warbler 

Potamia Valley
Olive-tree Warbler 1
Black-headed Bunting 1

Ruppell's Warbler showing very well

Scops Owl 
Long-eared Owl adult at nest with 3 young (same site as 2012) - one young has fallen from the nest, please do not approach it
Olive-tree Warbler 1
Collared Flycatcher 1

Soumouria 'Scops Copse'
Scops Owl - several. Please do not harass the birds!