9 May - Great Snipe, Caspian Tern and rain!

We woke to overcast skies and by lunchtime the threat of rain out west and by late afternoon it arrived and continued to increase during the evening. But is it too late?

A Great Snipe (Kalami) and Caspian Tern (Kalloni pans) were new in and the Griffon Vulture still out west, and another Lesser Spotted Eagle today. Apart from a few sites out west, virtually no passage migrant passerines reported. No news of the robins.

Petrified Forest
No news today.

We now have confirmation that we have two males and a female robin in the park. The males are holding territory close to one another and a female has been seen with the male near the concrete building. We are now treating this as a breeding attempt. Please therefore view only from the road and not from within the park to avoid disturbing them.

I've been told that the police are aware of misbehaviour here, including the use of recordings (illegal here) and are now going to be making patrols of the area, especially when the park is closed, to ensure that no one is using recordings or harassing the birds now they are presumed to be breeding. Please be sure to pass this message around.

It also means they are expected to hang around! Which is good news to those arriving today and next week.

Kalami Marsh
Spotted Redshank 1

Petrified Forest

Lesser Spotted Eagle 1
Levant Sparrowhawk 2 males
Eleanora's Falcon 1
Olive-tree Warbler 1
Bee-eater 2

Sigri & Faneromeni
Purple Heron 1
Golden Oriole 4
Red-backed Shrike 50
Lesser Grey Shrike 3

Sigri Old Sanatorium
Golden Oriole 3
Red-backed Shrike 50
Lesser Grey Shrike 3
Woodchat Shrike 10

Meladia Valley
Roller 1
Red-footed Falcon 1
Lesser Grey Shrike 1
Bee-eater 2

Red-backed Shrike 100
Lesser Grey Shrike 1
Woodchat Shrike 6
Eastern Bonelli's Warbler 1 (chapel)
Skala Eresou
Barred Warbler 1

Vigla (near Ipsilou)
Barred Warbler 1

Kallon Saltpans & Alykes Wetlands
Caspian Tern 1
Slender-billed Gull 1
Little Gull 1
Black Tern 1
Gull-billed Tern 1
Collared Pratincole 3

Voulgaris River
Marsh Warbler 1

Moni Mirsiniotissus
Ortolan Bunting 1

Lardia Valley
Olive-tree Warbler 1

Tsiknias River
Little Bittern 1
Squacco Heron 5
Whiskered Tern 4

Little Bittern 2

Little Bittern 1
Alpine Swift 80

Limnos Monastery
Middle Spotted Woodpecker 1 - nesting near the taverna. Park by the taverna and look back up the access road and on the right there is a double telegraph post. The nest is low down in the left hand post (the one with all the wires) facing the taverna. Adults feedings young 7/5.

Kruper's Nuthatch - female incubating and male visiting infrequently, expect to wait!

Ruppell's Warbler showing very well

Scops Owl 
Long-eared Owl - the young have left the nest, no sign of them or adults

Soumouria 'Scops Copse'
Scops Owl. Please do not harass the birds!