2012 news and other items

Knapweed Fritillary - someone is working on fritillaries in the Aegean region and would welcome all records especially of Knapweed 'types', and where possible, with photos (particularly of the underwings). You can send records/photos to me via the contact link below left.

Please do not drive up and down rivers, e.g. at Faneromeni. It is selfish as all it does is flush everything off the river for others to enjoy. I witnessed two birder/photographers cars driving the river at Faneromeni and photographed them both and will pass the images on to their respective hire companies. If you see anyone driving down the rivers please photo them and send me the photos (photos must show registration and tell me who the hire company is).

Lesvos Birding logs are in the Hotel Pasiphae and the taverna Dionysos (Skala Kallonis harbour front). Please don't just read them - share your bird news with others too. Thanks.

The cheapest petrol stations are the EKO just west of the Plomari turn on the main Mytilini to Kalloni road c.13km outside of Mytilini, and, the stations at Petra (ideal for Ruppell's and/or Molivos days).

New - Tsaliki's nr Kavaki Ruppell's Warbler site
If you're birding at Kavaki and fancy a nice real coffee, homemase ice creams, snacks, then try Tsaliki's on the hill up to Kavaki Ruppell's Warbler site (coming from Petra) look for the new, glass-fronted building on the hillside on the right just before the layby. Parking at the cafe. Highly recommended!

Cafe Indigo is no more and is now Briki (on the harbour corner opposite the  harbour chapel). It's still pretty much the same though, doing a range of snacks and lunches and is still serves my favourite coffee on the island!

Not in my book (I only discovered it in 2010), the Achilles Well by the car park at the start of the village entrance is fabulous. It has a balcony view to die for (with Sombre Tit and Blue Rock-thrush occasionally seen) and serves a fantastically simple Greek kitchen menu.

Skala Kallonis
The Heliotropos is now the Terrae Mare. Its still owned and run by the same people, with the same outstanding menu, just the name over the door has changed! This is more a restaurant style than typical Greek taverna and Liz and I love it! Hope you do to.

And remember to tell them Lesvos Birding sent you!

More recommendations here.