Early spring migrants

With news of House Martins, Garganey, etc. elsewhere in Greece, it wasn't long before resident Lesvos birder Terry Robinson sent me news of the first spring migrants on the island. Nothing stunning or no significant numbers of anything reached the island yet.

Mon, 9 Mar, Polichnitos Saltpans
Little Ringed Plover, 2

Sun, 8 Mar, Polichnitos Saltpans
Black Kite
House Martins, 2

Sat, 7 Mar, Polichnitos Saltpans
House Martin
Ruff, 6

Thur, 5 Mar, Polichnitos Saltpans
Green Sandpiper, 1
Ruff, 1

I'll keep updates regular updates coming as and when Terry sends me news of new species arriving/passing through.