Early spring migrants (3)

Following the wet winter and early spring there is lots of standing water and seasonal pools around. This is a seasonal pool near Achladeri. © Terry Robinson

More reports from Terry Robinson at Polichnitos Saltpans. Still no major movements. A few new species, but a passage of Grey Herons is notable.

Mon, 16 March
Hoopoe 3 remain from last weeks 6 birds
Swallow 1
SubalpineWarbler 1
Spoonbill 1
Black Stork 1
Grey Heron, only 1 remains from Saturday's 27 birds
Great White Egret 10
Still lots of winter birds about.

Sat, 14 March
Garganey 3
Grey Heron 27
Black Kite 1
Hen Harrier 1 r/t through
Eurasian Sparrowhawk 1
Ruff 5
Golden Plover 3
Hoopoe still 6 (a flock!)
Swallow 1
Northern Wheatear 1