26 April - Griffon Vulture & Bonelli's Eagle

Spotted Crake, Faneromeni Ford © Steve Dudley

No sign of yesterday's Cyprus Warbler

Eresos - GRIFFON VULTURE to north

Eresos to Ipsilou - BONELLI'S EAGLE north at c.2pm.

Lardia Valley - Eastern Bonelli's Warbler - male still on territory.

Sigri - LANNER 1 took a jackdaw.

Faneromeni Ford - Collared Flycatcher 4, Spotted Crake 1 (very showy), Night-heron 2.

Sigri & Faneromeni Fields - Red-footed Falcon 51, Collared Flycatcher 2, Montagu's Harrier 1 male, lots of Golden Orioles.

Polichnitos Saltpans - Great Snipe (for second day)

Vatera - Roller 1, Eleanora's Falcon 1

Ipsilou - Rock Sparrow 3, Lesser Kestrel 1.

Meladia Valley - Collared Flaycatcher male, Sardinian Warbler male (nr chapel), Alpine Swift 100++, lots of Golden Orioles, Red-backed Shrike 1.

Potamia Valley - Red-breasted Flycatcher 1.

Kalloni mini soccer pitch (Scops Copse) - Scops Owl 1 (still in same tree), Golden Oriole 3, Black-headed Bunting.

Alikoudi Pool - Lesser Grey Shrike 1.

Cinerous Buntings seen today around the Eresos/Sigri road junction, Ipsilou, Meladia Valley and between Agra and Mesotopos.
Alikoudi Pool - Lesser Grey Shrike 1, Black-headed Bunting 1, Black Stork 2.

For the second day running lots of Bee-eaters and Golden Orioles going through. Lots of Wood Warblers and Pied and Spotted Flycatchers in the west, but relatively few migrant passerines.