Lesvos Bird Records Committee (LBRC)

The LBRC has been formed at the request of the Hellenic Rarities Committee (HRC) to encourage birders to submit their bird records, in particular to provide additional details of national Greek rarities, local Lesvos rarities and breeding records of the scarcer breeding species.The role of the Committee will be –
- to maintain an official list of birds recorded on Lesvos
- to encourage visiting birders to submit bird records, in particular
- Greek national rarities to HRC- Local Lesvos rarities to LBRC
- Records of breeding birds on Lesvos

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The Committee’s members are -
Eleni Galinou | LBRC Secretary - Kalloni Environmental Centre, Lesvos)
Steve Dudley | Lesvos Birding, UK
Nikos Probonas | HRC Secretary, Athens, Greece
Terry Robinson | Lesvos

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More about the role of the Committee, submitted records, the species covered by LBRC and about the LBRC members can be found on the LBRC website.

You can contact the LBRC by email at lesvosbirdrecords@gmail.com.