Lesvos birding sites - updates

Here I will endevour to provide updates to birding sites on the island. Page references are to the relevant site page in A Birdwatching Guide to Lesvos.

Kalloni Mini Soccer Pitch [Scops Copse] (Sept 09) - book p. 115
The tree work undertaken in the spring is not as drastic as feared. The site has been thinned and some tree-planting undertaken. There are plenty of eucalyptus trees left standing and hopefully this will be a regular site for Scops Owl from spring 2010.

Platania (Sept 09) - book p. 120
The turn off the main road has deteriorated some more despite locals and myself filling the increasing gap between road and track with rocks. Take care when turning off the road! Also, the track is only just drivable in a normal car down to the first cattle grid (main Olive-tree Warbler site) and is heavily eroded in places. I didn't go further than the second cattle grid so can't say how the track is further on.

Parakila Marsh (Sept 09) - book p. 138
The remains of the burnt-down hide is still there and no plans I know of replacing it.

Meladia Valley (Sept 09) - book p. 156
The track through the Meladia Valley between Sigri and Eresos is fine for all vehicles.

Pithariou Reservoir (Sept 09) - book p.160
The track between Eresos and the west side of the reservoir (NOT the main track that runs parallel with the river form the south to the reservoir) has suffered another landslip and is not passable by car.

Panaghia Chapel (Sept 09) - book p. 183
The dripping pipe here continues to drip and attract birds to drink.