Your autumn 2009 records

I'm beginning work on the 2009 annual Lesvos bird report (the first of what I hope will be an annual report), so apart from any outstanding spring records (see 2008 request for details), please send me any of your more interesting autumn records in particular -

All wildfowl
Grebes (inc. any good counts of Little)
Shearwater counts
Migrant herons
All stork records/counts
Any migrant raptors
Rare gulls (inc. Slender-billed, Little and the reported Common Gull)
Terns (all species)
Shrikes (other than Red-backed)
Warblers (records of less common species and any good counts of commoner species welcome)
Buntings (other than Corn)

Plus any other records of scarcer or rare species.

You can contact using the link on the left. Many thanks.