19 April 2010 - good out west

Now, this is the point it starts to hurt me. I should have been flying out to Lesvos today, but due to the volcanic ash cloud, I am now a VOV (victim of volcano) and instead of enjoying watching the birds, I'm left to typing up what others have seen still!

Shena and John Maskell and friends Penny & Dave went out west today and had a good migrant day as follows -

Meladia Valley - COLLARED FLYCATCHER 1, PALLID HARRIER 3, Lesser Grey Shrike, Red-backed Shrike, Woodchat Shrike, Wood Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Golden Oriole, Common Cuckoo, Bee-eater.

Faneromeni Fords - CITRINE WAGTAIL 1, Purple Heron, Common Snipe.

Sigri - Lesser Kestrel, Short-toed Eagle, Golden Oriole, Alpine Swift, Bee-eater.

Ipsilou - Isabelline & Northern Wheatears, Cinereous Bunting.

Vigla (nr Ipsilou) - Isabelline Wheatear 10 inc. many displaying males.

Lardia Valley - Crag Martin, Red-rumped Swallow, Long-legged Buzzard, Wren.