A Birdwatching Guide to Lesvos - thanks for the thanks!

This spring saw A Birdwatching Guide to Lesvos used in anger for the time. Whilst I've been more than happy with the reviews of the book, I was on tenterhooks leading up to this spring cos its what you guys, those using it on Lesvos, think about my book that matters to me most. You are the folk I wrote it for and yours are the views that matter most to me.

So, for the last month I've been overwhelmed by the number of you who came up to me, texted or emailed me, to say how much you were enjoying using my book and thanking me for writing it.

This email below, from a couple I met at Achladeri on their last day (they were on the way to the airport), epitomises the reaction I got from birders this spring.

Dear Steve,

It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday in the forest - and to be able to tell you personally what an outstanding book you have written. We used it all the time during our short trip to Lesvos this week and were amazed at how accurate a book could be! The birds were where you said they would be and the descriptions of how to get to the various spots easy and clear to follow.

The promo blurb says it's the only book you need for Lesvos as you have included recommendations for tavernas as well - I didn't really think that could be so, but was proved wrong as we (and many others!) followed your suggestions and ate very well.

Thank you so much for the excellent resource you have produced - if only we cold find similar for other locations!!
Very best wishes,

Pim & Stuart (New Zealand)

So thank you Pim & Stuart, and thank you everyone. I've been blown away by your comments.

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