Thank you . . .

. . . for sharing your bird news this spring
Firstly, the Lesvos Birding log at the Hotel Pasiphae was again supported by many birders (hotel residents and non-residents). It was of course used by many more birders than those of us who contribute to it, but slowly more and more people contribute.

A plea - please contribute your sightings in the future!

I would like to pay particular thanks to Bob Buckler (Wingspan), Andy Swash and Mike Hodgson (Naturetrek), Shena Maskell, Neil Glenn and Bernie Forbes (Avian Adventures), Roger Lawrence and Colin Bushell (Ornitholodays), Ian Ford (Heatherlea), Priscille & Neil Preston, Howard Vaughan, Mark Hawkes, John Glendinning and John Buxton, Ralph & Brenda Todd, Dave & Jackie Nurney, Steve Chalmers, Jeff & Helen Bailey, Merv Jones - sorry if I missed anyone off here but I don’t have the log here (its still in Lesvos until the end of the year) but all contributors will be listed in the 2010 annual report. Thank you everyone.

Several folk texted or emailed me their news most days during their stay on the island to add to the log and daily web updates. So again, particular thanks to Paul Manning, Steven Wytema, Hein Prinsen, Will Bowell, Lee Amery, Mark Hawkes, Paul Doherty, Ian Ford, Killian Mullarney and Terry Robinson.

. . . and for your comments about my book
I would just like to thank the numerous people who came up and thanked me for writing the book! Whilst I have been happy with the magazine/web reviews, I was on tenterhooks leading up to this spring when I knew the book would be used in anger and scrutinised by the people that matter most - you lot! Thankfully I received largely praise and only a few minor criticisms which I will take on board for the next edition. I've posted a particularly nice email from a couple I met in Achladeri here!

Thank you everyone. See many of you next spring.