More on the proposed wind farms on Lesvos

The deadline for submitting your written opposition has passed, but for background you can read the items below.

There is currently an online petition to sign so you can record your opposition to the North Aegean Periferia to the ongoing proliferation of various energy generation (wind and solar) blighting the Aegean islands, including Lesvos.

Sign the petition here.

With less than 10 days to go to raise opposition to the proposals, the situation is quite fluid as you can see from my increased communications on this!

Please read this even if you have already sent emails of objection. There is still more you can do.

I have updated my online opposition letter slightly. After consultation with others (inc. advice from BirdLife and HOS) I have added additional information within my letter about the impact on the specific Special Protection Area and then number of turbines which will fall within the SPA. I have also revised by benefits to the local economy. See my letter here.

Please use parts of my submission for your own objections.

Some VERY important notes to bear in mind.

WWF have advised us that we must be specific in on our objections to the developments on the basis of threats to bird life since the developments impact on Special Protection Area (SPA) GR4110010SPA with 95% of the proposed turbines falling within the SPA.

This is the ONLY argument in law against the proposals. The problem we face is that in opposition to a proposal we cannot take the issue to law as now infringement of any existing laws have taken place. We just need to be strong in our message that we understand the law and we understand the infringements of the relevant protection in this case. Recourse to law can only go ahead if the proposal goes through, but which time it likely to be too late to stop the development, only have the company and Greek government fined after any development takes place. You know what they say, the laws is an ass!

This said, given the diverse nature of those we are contacting to voice our opposition we should continue to press both the environmental and socio-economic impacts of the developments. If what we are doing filters down to the electorate then that is the second route of challenge that can happen during this process (and more and more people on the island are being mobilized against these proposals – you’d be amazed how quiet they have kept this until we woke various people up to it).

Another development is that we are being advised to write and post our opposition submissions to:
Hellenic Republic, Perifereia Voriou Aigaiou (North Aegean Prefecture) at Perifereiaki Epitropi Perivallontos, Kountouriwti 1, 81100, Mytilini, Lesvos, Greece

Feel free to post your objection to them if you wish, but I’ve now been provided with a name and email to send this to – Lemonos Giorgos -

You might also want to copy your emails general office of the North Aegean Prefecture -

Lastly, on individual emails, can I please ask that your submissions should be focussed and should express clearly your objection to the impacts on the bird life and nature in the areas to be developed (as above), and your concerns for the decline in eco-tourism the developments might inflict and thus the impact on the Lesvos economy. Please don’t just state that you love the island and its a beautiful place and they’re wrong to be ding what they are doing. The latter will be registered at the lowest level and is pretty well useless to the campaign (sorry!). So, please be specific and feel free to use sections from my submission. Don’t be afraid to send in a second submission if you feel your first may not be hitting the mark for us.

I’m waiting for details of an online petition to be send to me and I will pass these details on as soon as I get them.

Other items relating to this issue -
Original post with outline details of the proposal and request to oppose it - see here
My letter of opposition (feel free to use this for your own opposition letter) - see here

Thanks for all your support and encouragement.

Steve Dudley | Lesvos Birding