Thank you and new petition to sign!

Thanks to all those who sent in their opposition to the wind farm proposals on Lesvos and neighboring islands (the deadline for submissions passed last Friday, 20 July). Many people copied me in to their emails so it was good to see so many people actively engaged on this issue.

We have a second opportunity now to record our opposition to these and other proposals threatening the Aegean islands. A petition as been set up (link below). Please sign it. The petition is very loosely worded and is aimed at the general public rather than from conservationists and is a general opposition to the proposed expansion of wind farms and solar farms (we now have several on Lesvos) which threaten to engulf large areas of many islands because these areas are not deemed to be economical.

The petition will run up to the vote on this until the North Aegean Periferia vote on the major wind farm proposals. We don't know when this vote will take place so please vote now to ensure you don't miss it! Thanks.

View petition here.