Where to stay

View of Molivos when approached from Petra

Skala Kallonis is centrally placed (right in the centre of the island at the northern end of the Gulf of Kalloni) for exploring the whole of the island of Lesvos with ease and is the first choice for many visiting birders. Many main birding sites are on the doorstep - Skala Kallonis Pools (when wet), Tsiknias (East) and Christou (West) rivers, Kalloni Saltpans, etc, as well as very good road links to the rest of the island.

Hotel Pasiphae Used by several birding tour groups and many individual birders as a base for their birding holiday on Lesvos. An exellent hotel used to catering for birders. Great bar with pool terrace. Used by several UK bird/wildlife holiday tour companies.

Lesvosbirding.com's Steve Dudley uses the Hotel Pasiphae for all his trips (groups and private holidays).

A town with two names! The Medieval name of Molyvos is still preferred to the comtemporary name of Mythimna.

Molyvos is situated in the very north of the island and is just over an hours drive from Mytilini (and most of the island!).

Molyvos is Lesvos's tourist capital and shows other places how to do it! It is truly spectacular and even at the busiest time of year, it can still be a realxed place to be.

The town is set on a hill rising up from its picturesque harbour to its Medieval castle, sitting atop the town like a crown. From the castle you can spectacular views of the island across as far as Ipsilou in the west, as well as across the sea to neighbouring Turkey.

Molyvos is a great place to base yourself. The north coast track along to Skala Sikaminias is great for migrants and breeding birds, and most of hte main birding areas are within an hour's drive.

VATERA (see map)
Situated on the south coast, Vatera has the longest beach on the island. This is a real package holiday hotspot and during peak season can be absolutely bustling.

During the spring birding season however, the place is deserted and makes a good base with its own good local areas to explore (inc. the Almiropotamos River, Agios Fokas, Ambeliko Valley), allows regular visits to the Polichnitos Saltpans but is a bit of a drive to the other main birding hotspots inc Kalloni (c. 45 mins drive), the north Coast (70+ mins) and Sigri (up to 2 hrs). But don't let this put you off staying here, exploring a much neglected area and shun the birding crowds around the Kalloni main area. Very few of them will bother you down here!

SIGRI (see map)
Sigri lies at the extreme western end of the island.

Few birders stay at Sigri presumably because its simply too far from anywhere, including a 2-hour drive to and from the airport at Mytilini.

Sigri is though one of the best birding areas on the island and boasts some of the best migrant areas which can easily take up most, if not all, of your holiday! You will other birders here as no matter where lese they may be staying, everyone will go to Sigri at least once during their stay - its that good!

Other places (see map)
Other towns where birders are increasingly staying include Skala Eressou (in the south-west) and Anaxos and Petra in the north.

Plomari in the very much out on a limb from the main sites, and Mytilini is simply not suitable for most wildlife-interested folk, and again away from the main birding sites.