Lesvos pictures - birds, wildlife and scenery


Lesvos flickr photo sharing site - set up by Mick Sway

21 April - 5 May 2012 Video 1 | Video 2
Jason Coppock's two videos featuring Lesvos wetlands (1 - 11 min) and the west (2 - 8 min). Scenes and birds (no narration, captions or timed running list). List of some species on each video listed.

Wingspan's (Bob Buckler) YouTube video of stills.
All birds captioned.

Vogels op Lesvos (Video of the Birds of Lesvos) by Studio Greft
Captions in Dutch and all birds inc scientific names of birds.

Raymond de Smet - a fabulous gallery of images from spring 2011 including some stunning in-flight shots

Doug Menzies photos from his July 2011 trip

Carlo Galliani's gallery of excellent photos from 2010.

Levels Birder on Lesvos. Jeff Hazell's excellent mini-website dedicated to his May 2010 trip inc. photo section.

Ronjax's YouTube video clips. Some cracking clips here.

Paul Cools excellent galleries from trips to Lesvos in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Raffael Payer's Lesvos 2010 photos.

Wild Images by Will Bowell - Lesvos spring 2010.

Toadsnatcher's Lesvos Galley - some of my own older images from some of my early tripsPaul Mannings excellent Wildlife of Lesvos gallery featuring birds, orchids, other flowers, fauna and scenery.Simon Stirrup's photos from his spring 2009 trip.Tony Mill's Not Just Birds gallery from spring 2009.Kit Day's excellent Lesvos gallery (from spring 2008)Bill Baston's Lesvos galleries - photo galleries from Bill's trips in 2003, 2004 and 2005 (2008 to be added) plus other tripsBogbumper's Lesvos images - some cracking images which just get the juices flowing!More Bogbumper images
Ray Wilson's Bird Photography - an excellent Lesvos galleryRay Purser's Lesvos bird and wildlife gallery - some brilliant bird and wildlife imagesRay Purser's Lesvos flower gallery
Søren Kristoffersen - photos from Søren's 2008 trip.Daniel Pettersson's Lesvos photos.Real Birder - several Lesvos galleries listed here.Paul Cools 2007 Lesvos photos.Erik Klayheeg photos from his May 2003 trip.

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