14 May - Spur-winged Plover and stranded holiday makers!

Squacco Heron, Kalloni Saltpans Flood © Steve Dudley

Well, the Greek civil servants are at it again and a nationwide 24hr lightning strike meant that airports were closed and all those many holiday makers due off the island today couldn’t leave and get an extra days holiday and all those coming out lose a day.
Scops Copse - work continues on pollarding the trees - do not visit!

SPUR-WINGED PLOVER – an adult found this morning on the flood opposite the saltworks entrance and present until mid-afternoon at least.

Also on the flood, Whiskered Tern 22, Black Stork 10, Squacco Heron 9, White Stork 1, Ruddy Shelduck 4, Garganey 2.

Also a RUFOUS BUSH ROBIN around the water pumping station in the south-west corner of the saltpan complex.

Tsiknias River Ford – CITRINE WAGTAIL female.
Potamia Valley - up to 5 Olive-tree Warblers and 2 Icterine Warblers between the main road and the river bridge.
Petra Reservoir - Ruddy Shelduck pr with 2 young.
Kavaki - Ruppell's Warbler showing well this evening plus usual Blue Rock Thrush.