15 May - goodbye and thanks

Well, those of us unable to leave yesterday will do so later today as I wing my way home with Aegean Airlines.

I'd just like to thank those birders who have provided info during my three week stay, in particular Bob Buckler (Wingspan Bird Tours), Terry & Sue Robinson, Ian Pitts, Dave Bradnum, Paul Manning, Precill & Neil Preston, Donald & Jennifer Rhodes, Pete & Jan Deans (and their holiday-mates Fiona & Geoff) and Ian Lewington, and all those who passed on info to me in the field or wrote things up in the Lesvos Birding log at the Hotel Pasiphae. Thanks alot everyone - news only spreads if people are willing to share.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the staff at the Hotel Pasiphae for their usual care and attention not only of me over the last three weeks, but of all the birders staying with them this season. The Pasiphae again proved to be the premier of the Skala Kallonis hotels and has an increasing birding buzz in the evenings as birders staying elsewhere come in to use the Lesvos Birding hotel and share news at the bar.

Kalloni Saltpans - Slender-billed Gull 3 in NW corner early morning.