7 May - big eagles and a big snipe

Kalloni Raptor Watchpoint (bandstand) – IMPERIAL EAGLE sub adult in from north at 1420h and again over at 1510h. Possibly same as last weeks bird seen coming in off the sea from the north on the north coast east of Efthalou. Last year we had a sub adult bird hang around the island for two weeks (see here). Eleonora’s Falcon 6.

Ioannou Valley (south of Mandamados) – GOLDEN EAGLE sub adult north at 1505h. Ruppell’s Warbler male, Pallid Swift 8, Alpine Swift 2, Golden Oriole 2.

Haramida Marsh – GREAT SNIPE 1, Pallid Swift 30+, Alpine Swift 8, Sardinian Warbler, Green Sandpiper 1.

Meladia Valley - Collared Flycatcher female, Icterine Warbler 7, Orphean Warbler 3, Pied Flycatcher 5, Sardinian Warbler 1, Bee-eater 40+, loads of Spotted Flycatchers.

Polichnitos Saltpans - Collared Pratincole 1, Temminck's Stint 1.

Kalloni Saltpans - Marsh Sandpiper 1, Gull-billed Tern 1, Collared Pratincole 3, Little Crake 1, Mallard 2.

Kalloni Mini Soccer Pitch (Scops Copse) - no sign of any Scops Owl today.