14 April 2011 - is all up hill from here!

Well, I arrived with my group in the evening and apart from a brief stop at Dipi Larisos reedbed, it was straight to the hotel, drop the gear off and hit the Taverna Dionysis for dinner. A few birders arrived today - I've bumped in to around a dozen at least, so undoubtedly more lurking. Which means more eyes from tomorrow.

A large thunder storm with torrential rain and hail this morning - that'll bring stuff down! So weather unsettled to say the least. Evening bright but cool.

Birds I know about from today and recent days -

FERRUGINOUS DUCK - 1 on seasonal flood opposite Kalloni Saltworks entrance since at least the 11 Apr (12th record) to at least 13 Apr (don't know if it was seen today)

Glossy Ibis - up to 30 opp Kalloni Saltworks entrance

Ruddy Shelduck - 20+ opp Kalloni Saltworks entrance

Great Spotted Cuckoo - 1 Skala Kallonis (14 Apr)

Caspian Tern - 1 Didi Larisos, plus Purple Heron and Long-legged Buzzard (14 Apr)

Pallid Swift - 1 airport.

Marsh Sandpiper (8), Red-throated Pipit, Tawny Pipit (6), Short-toed Lark and Red-rumped Swallow - all Polichnitos Saltpans (14 Apr)

Plenty of common migrants such as hirundines, Common Swift, yellow wagtails, waders, etc.

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