2012 bird news, web updates, logs and more

As in recent years I will post daily updates of what is seen across the island each evening here on the Lesvos Birding website. I know many staying on the island, and those due to come out, find these updates both interesting and very useful. My own daily web updates from the island will commence on 21 Apr through to 18 May. See Lesvos Birding website below. As ever I rely heavily on people passing on their own sightings to produce the daily summaries. I aim to have the website updated between 11-12pm each evening (local time). If you are on the island earlier or later than me, then I need your records all the more! I and other birders are often around the Hotel Pasiphae bar most evenings from around 10-10.30pm to c.11.30pm for a drink and chat. Failing that I can usually be found at the Dionysos taverna in Skala Kallonis between 8-10pm. Last year quite a lot of folk contributed to these updates. If you're on the island then you can provide your own records of more interesting sightings as follows - 


Hotel Pasiphae, Skala Kallonis
This remains the main birding log on the island and anyone can call into the hotel to read/record their sightings and maybe enjoy a drink too! Please inc. your name and email address or mobile number on at least one of your entries in order for me to contact you if I need to.

Taverna Dionysos, Skala Kallonis
This year there will be a new Lesvos Birding log in at the Taverna Dionysos on the harbour front in Skala.   

Other logs
There are other logs at other hotels but I don’t get to see those so I don’t know what is in them! If you see anything of note you think is known about, then please share it in the main logs or by informing me direct (see below).  

Text me your daily summary on +44 (0) 7 767 787 287. Please inc. your name at the end of the message. Species, numbers, location is really all that is needed. Times for really rare species (e.g. time of a flyover rare raptor helps to track birds across the island) might be useful (please no calls unless absolutely necessary - this just costs me a fortune!).

Cost prevents me from sending out daily SMS updates to everyone, but if you do send me any news I will add you to the Lesvos Mega Bird Alert SMS service in the event of anything really major being found and twitchable.  

Despite setting up @lesvosbirding on Twitter last year, Greece remains one of the countries which does not support all Twitter functions. We won’t be able to exchange two-way tweets between one another in real time during the day.   

If you still want to send @lesvosbirding a tweet you can. Please read this Twitter article and set up your mobile phone for one-way tweeting to pass on your news.   I'll be updating late evening, so anything arriving in my inbox by 9pm local time will be used.   
I'll do a daily sightings post to the Lesvos Birders page each evening when I do the website update and send out the daily tweet.

You can email me your sightings. I'll be updating late evening, so anything arriving in my inbox by 9pm local time will be used. 
Records of all the scarcer and rare species (see checklist), movements of any raptors or herons, large numbers of crakes, large falls of commoner species, etc. are all wanted. Updates on breeding activity of Krupers Nuthatch are also helpful.

Submitting your records for the annual bird report when you've returned home
I know many people keep their own database of records. If you are able to export to an Excel file, then I'm happy to receive any records you want to pass on for inclusion in the Lesvos annual bird report. For further details see here.
I will be posting daily daily web updates from 21 Apr through to 18 May. I aim to have the website updated between 11-12pm each evening (local time). Any SMS/TXT messages, tweets or emails received by 10pm will be added to the web update and the Hotel Pasiphae log book.

If you have web access in your hotel/apartment then you will be able to access the Lesvos Birding site as normal.

Lesvos Birding - your morning paper!
Why not ask your hotelier to print off each evenings update for you to read over breakfast each morning. And don’t forget to leave it at the hotel reception for others to enjoy.

Some hoteliers started doing this last year, so don’t be afraid to ask, especially if there are other birders in the hotel.

I run the website and updates for those on the island so I like to know the info is being used and exchanged.

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