Its been raining. Its been pouring . . .

Seasonal pool opposite Kalloni Saltworks entrance - not (yet) quite as full as in recent years - fingers crossed for more rain in the next week to top these important wetlands up. 4 April 2011 © Eleni Galinou

Its been a relatively dry winter up until recently. River levels are still generally low, but there's been heavy rain this last week or so and many of the season pools and reservoirs are now full. Above, the roadside pool at Nifida is now as full as it gets. Terry Robinson tells me that the coast pool at Alikoudi is overflowing in to the sea and that the Potamia Reservoir is likewise overflowing, but Eleni Galinou's photo of the flooded fields at the Kalloni Saltpans above shows that these seasonal wetlands at least aren't yet as full as they can be.

So, fingers crossed for more rain over the next week or so to keep the pools topped up and to get the river levels up too. Without more rain we'll struggle to keep hold of the water in to May.

Roadside seasonal pool at Nifida, April 2011 © Terry Robinson