10 May 2012

Chukar, nr Mesotopos © Steve Dudley

Hoorraahh! We woke to cloud cover and drizzle over high ground and with immediate effect, out west at least, with masses of Red-backed Shrikes, Black-headed Buntings and a few warblers. Star bird of the day was a Spur-winged Plover at Faneromeni, but no sign of yesterday's White-throated Robin or Broad-billed Sandpipers.

Weather - Morning, low cloud and drizzle over higher ground, clearing to blue skies by end of day. Moderate NE wind dropping to light by end of day. 24C.

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Achladeri & Kruper's Nuthatch
One pair feeding young near last years nest site along the top. Park your car by the white building building, walk up the main track through the forest, bear left at the fork, then follow the track left past the rubbish pile on the next corner and up the straight section of track. After c200m look for a thick black pine tree with a sap scar and a pile of 4 sandy-coloured rocks at the base. From this tree look in to the forest at 90 degrees from the track and look for a sheep/rams skull at base. Nest is in this tree on left hand side between two very short broken branch stumps.

The young still haven't fledged but are very close to fledging - I expect them to leave the nest the next day or so.
WHITE-THROATED ROBIN - no sign today despite extensive searching but it will be looked for again tomorrow

Kalloni Saltpans & Alykes Wetlands
Rufous Bush-robin 4 (3 at beach and 1 at pumping station)
Gull-billed Tern 4
Whiskered Tern 1
Turnstone 3
Red-throated Pipit 2
no sign of Broad-billed Sandpipers today

Tsiknias River
Spotted Crake 1

SPUR-WINGED PLOVER 1 in ploughed field on left by irrigation 'wheels' before the turn to the beach
Collared Pratincole 9
Roller 1
Olive-tree Warbler
Rufous Bush-robin 1
Lesser Grey Shrike 2
Red-backed Shrike 30+
Bee-eater 30+
Montagu's Harrier 1 fem
Marsh Harrier 1 fem
Red-throated Pipit 4
Golden Oriole 5

Meladia Valley
Eastern Bonelli's Warbler 1
Icterine Warbler 1
Wood Warbler 8
Willow Warbler 1
Chiffchaff 1
Red-backed Shrike 30+
Spotted Flycatcher 40+
Pied Flycatcher 3
Rufous Bush-robin 1
Black-headed Buntings 00s inc. flocks of 30+

Filia Mast
Eastern Bonelli's Warbler 5

Roller 1 c.1km east of town on road to Vatousa

Almyropotamos River 
Ferruginous Duck male at river mouth
Roller 1 c.1km east of town on road to Vatousa
Little Owl, nr Sigri © Steve Dudley