Taverna Dionysos - a new Skala Kallonis village hub for birders

Since so many birders use the Dionysos taverna in Skala Kallonis, I decided to place a new Lesvos Birding log there this spring. The new log was well used and will be retained there until the end of September. Thanks to all who contributed this spring and I hope many others got value out of having a log in the village for the first time.

The main Lesvos Birding log at the Hotel Pasiphae is of course still in situ too and will remain there until the end of September also (when both logs get sent to me for the annual report).

Above is the new 'birds of Lesvos' poster requested by the Dionysos Taverna to coincide with them hosting the new log book. The poster measures 2.4m x 1.4m, features a selection of Dave's photos taken in 2011, and all the text is in both English and Greek. And yours truly had to negotiate London underground and airports with it rolled up as a 2.6m long tube with all my other luggage! George and Stamatis (owners of the Dionysos) are thrilled with it, and enjoy being a focal point for birders in spring.

The Dionysos will remain Lesvos Birding's village hub for birders from 2013.