15 May 2012

A very thin day with no reports of anything other than what I saw with my group out west! 

The Spur-winged Plover appears to have moved on, as do all the shrikes around Faneromeni in  recent days. A very windy (but at least dry) day out west meant many things were hunkered down in the morning at least.

Weather - Thick cloud, strong winds and heavy rain in central areas during the morning. Out west dry and soon clearing to bright sunshine and scatter clouds. strong southerly moderating during day to light by evening. 28C out west mid-afternoon. 

Please don't drive down the rivers - see here.

Petrol/Deiselsee here.

Other newssee here.


Rose-coloured Starlings
No news received today. Have you seen any?

Achladeri & Kruper's Nuthatch
Birds reported very elusive yesterday, still not calling.
No sign of the Spur-winged Plover and all the Red-backed Shrikes and other migrants appear to have cleared out
Red-throated Pipit 1

Eleonora's Falcon 1
Eastern Bonelli's Eagle 1
Golden Oriole 1+
Lardia Valley
Eleonora's Falcon 4

Nr Sigri
Eleonora's Falcon 1
Red-footed Falcon 2

Scops Owl 1 - in eucalyptus tree by black gates on other side of road from the school (up towards the green and blue waste bins). 
Long-eared Owl - adult by nest with 3 chicks in largest eucalyptus tree by field with the black horse (on school side of road)
NOTE - this is a residential area. Please park with care, respect the privacy of local residents and beware traffic on the road - one birders was knocked over here last week!