9 May 2012

White-throated Robin, nr Efthalou © Colin & Christine Stephens

White-throated Robin! What a cracker. Here's hoping it stays and more get to enjoy this fabulous bird. It will be looked for tomorrow.

Weather - Blue skies, scattered cloud increasing by evening, light to moderate north-westerly breeze becoming strong in evening, 28C and humid

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Achladeri & Kruper's Nuthatch
One pair feeding young near last years nest site along the top. Park your car by the white building building, walk up the main track through the forest, bear left at the fork, then follow the track left past the rubbish pile on the next corner and up the straight section of track. After c200m look for a thick black pine tree with a sap scar and a pile of 4 sandy-coloured rocks at the base. From this tree look in to the forest at 90 degrees from the track and look for a sheep/rams skull at base. Nest is in this tree on left hand side between two very short broken branch stumps.

The young are close to fledging - I expect them to leave the nest the next day or so.
North coast track east of Efthalou
WHITE-THROATED ROBIN - male in a gulley by little bridge (9th record for Lesvos)
Kalloni Saltpans & Alykes Wetlands
Broad-billed Sandpiper 2 reported this evening on pools opp saltworks
Osprey 1
Rufous Bush-robin 2 (1 at beach and 1 at pumping station)
Gull-billed Tern 3
Whiskered Tern
Great White Egret 2
Little Egret 17
Purple Heron 1
Grey Heron 5
Squacco Heron 2
Black Stork 3
White Stork 2
Ruddy Shelduck 8
Collared Pratincole 1
Ruff 86
Little Stint 21
Curlew Sandpiper 2
Greenshank 1
Grey Plover 2
Ringed Plover 15
Gargeney 1
Great Crested Grebe 1

Tsiknias River
Temminck's Stint 1
Squacco Heron 2
Little Bittern 3
Black Stork 1

Metochi Lake
Little Crake 4
Little Bittern 2
Night-heron 2

Nr Mandamados
Eleonora's Falcon 1

Roller 1
Rufous Bush-robin 1

Meladia Valley
Icterine Warbler 1
Golden Oriole 1
Little Bittern 1

Potamia Valley
Night-heron 1

Scops Owl 2
Long-eared Owl (nest with 2 young in the largest eucalyptus tree near school)

Soumouria 'Scops Copse'
Scops Owl 1 - in 3rd tree on right as you enter from the Kalloni end