Spring 2012 thanks

Now firmly back to earth having arrived home at the weekend. On our departure day, once we'd checked in yday, some of us went off to Cape Lena and enjoyed cracking views of Scopoli's Shearwater and a female Honey-buzzard in off the sea from Turkey. Nice farewell!

I'd just like to thank all those birders who shared bird news over the last month. Also thanks to the Hotel Pasiphae for being my home from home for the last month, Taslis for looking after me and lots of other birders' car hire needs and the tavernas Dionysos (Skala Kallonis), Soulatso (Skala Eresou), Australia (Sigri) and the beach tavena at Ancient Pyrrha, and Tsaliki's cafe (nr Petra) - enjoyed you all very, very much.

Thanks again and until next spring - when we'll do it all again!